terry whiteheads(non-registered)
Brilliant photography thanks clive
John White(non-registered)
I lived in Gerard Ave Canley 1944-1959, now in Australia. So many memories of the youth club in queen margarets rd
Dave Philpot(non-registered)
Good to have you at the Daimler & Lanchester Owners' Club International Rally once again, Cliff, and the photographs as ever are marvellous. You have documented the rally in photographic form enabling those who attended to remember it for years to come, and those that were not able to attend to enjoy the spirit of the day.

Many thanks.
Ted Harding(non-registered)
As an exiled Coventry kid I recall hearing that the tunnels at Folly Lane were used as bomb shelters during the Blitz. Can anyone confirm? PS oh! what have you allowed them to do to my home town - it's awful now but when I was a kid and teenager (40's and 50's) it was a lovely place.
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